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Ground Blessing Lessons for the Home

Feng Shui Ground Blessing

Bless the Ground Before Breaking It
Last week, I had the opportunity to perform a great Feng Shui Ground Blessing on a new condo development before the home builder broke ground.

The goal of the ceremony was to re-energize the site and provide success during construction and for the community’s future residents.

The ancient Chinese tradition of Feng Shui encourages harmony and balance by restoring positive energy flow, or Chi, along the creative cycle.

Home builders that are conscious of the energy flow of the land where they intend to build are taking the best interests of future residents seriously.

The five elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal in their creative cycle.

The five elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal in their creative cycle.

Why a Ground Blessing?
Depending on the prior use of a property, lingering energy can be quite destructive, going the opposite direction of the creative cycle depicted here.

In the case of the ground blessing I did last week, the land was previously used in an unsuccessful commercial venture.

While the energy wasn’t particularly negative in this case, it felt stagnant. In fact, it was so stagnant, I felt that the land had no energy at all.

When I began the process of a rice blessing, the rice sounded like rocks dropping to the ground without any bounce.

By the end of the ground blessing, the rice that I tossed sounded like drops of rain splashing into a pond, a sign that energy had been re-introduced into the creative cycle.

Fortunately, the residents and the home builder will benefit from the ground blessing.

Bless the Home While You Feng Shui It
This lesson can be carried over into the space where we already reside, as well.

When a home or office’s energy is stagnant or negative, it can have far-reaching effects on the residents, including the loss of a job, wealth, health, fertility, etc.

Feng Shui Ground Blessing

Like a Feng Shui Ground Blessing for future construction projects, there are also Feng Shui Ground Blessings for homes and offices that already exist.  Perhaps it is time for a remodel or the land simply has poor Chi.

Additionally, there is something called a Feng Shui Space Clearing for individual homes and offices that would take place in the interior of the home.

Renewing the Energy
A ground blessing and/or a space clearing is effectively like pressing the reset button on the energy flow.

Further, when combined with proper placement of items and colors to coincide with the Feng Shui Bagua in your space, a space clearing will get the creative cycle moving again.

In the case of a prior negative event in your space, such as a tragedy (death, flood, fire, etc.) or financial hardship (foreclosure or short-sale, for instance), Feng Shui’ing your space won’t be enough.

A Feng Shui Space Clearing and/or a Feng Shui Ground Blessing will likely be required to get that energy flowing in the right direction again.

Next Steps
Spend some time learning about the Feng Shui Bagua to ensure proper Chi flow in your home or office.

If things still feel stagnant for you after following my Bagua advice, contact me to inquire about a Feng Shui Ground Blessing / Space Clearing or a Virtual Feng Shui Consultation because you cannot afford to live without healthy Chi flow.

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