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I think it is safe to say that all of my loyal readers want to be in a home that is a model of positive Feng Shui.

But, imagine if that model home were the model home of a new neighborhood that had an all-encompassing positive Feng Shui experience.

Are you tired of going to look at home listings only to find that the house is on a T-intersection or the stairs are directly on the other side of the front door?

Real Estate Feng Shui ConsultationsSomething New
Imagine instead going to a community knowing that none of the houses will suffer from such Feng Shui problems.

I was recently hired by a major Fortune 500 home builder that plans to develop such neighborhoods right here in Southern California.

As a Feng Shui consultant to this developer, I have been and will continue to provide Feng Shui training to their site planners, architects, and landscape architects.

Through my training and design reviews, I will help to ensure that nearly every element of the community designs, from overall street layouts and home floor plans, to the location of certain types of trees and plants, will adhere to rules of Feng Shui design that so many of you seek out when looking for a new home.

Want to find out more about these new Feng Shui communities? Stay tuned to my blog for more information to come in the next several months as we move from planning to building and eventually staging!

Feng Shui for RemodelingAre you a home builder? For more information on what Ms. Feng Shui can do for your development, please visit the Feng Shui for Home Builders page.  Or, you can contact Jessie by phone at (949) 229-3402 or email at [email protected] for a proposal on making the best laid Feng Shui plans!

Update: Since this was posted, I have consulted on several such new home developments.  Take a look at my recent projects.

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