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Feng Shui Energy Down the Drain

Feng Shui Money Down the DrainI know this sounds funny, but keep your toilet lids closed.

You don’t want your Feng Shui energy going down the drain!

Even sink drains can cause a problem for the same reason.

Even just having a toilet in many places in your home can impact various aspects of your life.

If your bathroom is in the Wealth corner of your home, this might mean that you can’t hold onto money very well.

Your career might be impacted if you have a toilet near the front wall of your house.  How about a bathroom in your Love & Relationships corner?  You get the picture.

Feng Shui Red ToiletHow about cures for all of the ills that a bathroom creates?

Use a red toilet cover.

I have even seen some people paint the underside of the toilet seat red or the color of the appropriate Feng Shui color.

Place bagua mirrors under drains.

Tie red strings or ribbons around drain pipes.

And don’t forget to do the same in your business.

If you have toilets without lids inside of your office, perhaps that’s something you should add.

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Have fun preventing your energy from going down the drain!

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