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Clearing Out the Bed Feng Shui

Feng Shui Love / Relationships / Marriage -HeartSomeone forwarded me a hilarious Craigslist ad of a woman selling her mattress because she no longer wanted to sleep on the bed that she and her cheating ex-boyfriend used to share.

At first I simply enjoyed the ad because of the humor in the write-up.

Then I realized how, intentional-or-not, the person who posted the ad was practicing Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Space Clearing
By disposing of the old mattress, she was cleaning out bad relationship energy.

The seller was clearing a road for new a relationship to come into her life (hopefully someone more caring and faithful then her ex).

I’m not saying that everyone getting out of a relationship should dispose of their old mattress every time they break up with someone. The sheets, yes. Mattress? Probably not.

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If you are ready to move on from a relationship, you need to make it known to the energy around you that you have cleared the space for someone new.

If you find yourself in this situation, let me ask you something: Do you still have a shoe box full of items from your previous relationships? Perhaps pictures, ticket stubs, dried out roses, love notes…?

Feng Shui Love / Relationships / Marriage -CoupleMove On
These things are holding you back emotionally from moving forward to meet that special someone who is right for you. When you hold onto them, they remind you of the past.

Instead, you should be looking forward to a new and better relationship to come.

This goes for everything in our lives, but especially for finding that special someone.

When you are ready to move on and ready to welcome someone special in your life, create some space for them… in your home and in your heart.

Just make sure you have a bed to sleep in after you’ve created the space!

I wish you and the Craigslist seller the best of luck in releasing yourselves from past experiences and moving toward brighter futures.

Next Steps
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