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2018 Year of the Earth Dog

What will my year be like?  What is my fortune for 2018? Will I find love, wealth and a better job in 2018?

By Jessie Kim

On February 16th, those who celebrate the Chinese New Year will be welcoming in the Year of the Earth Dog. This promises to be an eventful year in which many will take a stand to help empower the universal values of dialogue and solidarity, both of which are characteristic traits of the dog sign. In society, this year could bring the rise of socially conservative movements within society. It will be important to avoid unnecessary conflicts and preserve karmic balance this year by showing empathy and tolerance towards all you encounter.

The Year of the Earth Dog will be dominated by the Earth element in its yang form which makes it a good year for lifestyle changes and to start new business ventures. For those whose Earth element is predominant, it will be a stable year which will inspire a more organized personal and professional life. Fire and metal are the secondary forces to the Earth dog which makes this a creative cycle. This creative cycle of Fire, Earth, and Metal means that those who choose honesty and fairness in their business ventures could see abundant wealth in 2018.

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